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    At Life Line Feeds, highest priority is given to a clean environment and to saving energy using latest technology. Waste water, which comes from the Slaughtering Facility goes to the effluent treatment plant, where the water is biologically treated as specified by the Environmental Agency. This treated water is channelled into the fish pond and is also used for gardening.

• All waste such as broken egg shells, solid wastes, offals, feathers and effluents, are   converted into organic manure and chicken-by-product meal.
• The gas that is produced while cooking the offal waste during the rendering process is    trapped in a bio filter, and is then used to produce organic manure, the first of its kind    in India.
• Rainwater harvesting is done at all units of Life Line Feeds.

The Azad Park at the Chikmagalur traffic island, in memory of our former General Manager the late Dr. Aravind Bhat I.R., has been developed and maintained by Life Line Feeds. It demonstrates the company's commitment to society.
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(KSPCB) has recognised our company as the most
environmental friendly poultry industry.