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    Life Line Feeds India goes to great lengths to ensure that extremely high quality standards are maintained throughout all the processes involved in providing our customers with quality poultry products. Emphasis is laid on ensuring that there is minimum contamination to our products, right from the beginning of the process to the very end. Proper equipment, sanitation and good manufacturing processes are followed diligently.

Life Line Feeds incorporates the idea of quality right from the start. For example: we own the breeding stock that produces the hatching eggs to produce broiler chicks. Our commercial lines are developed from one of the best genetic resources: ‘Vencobb’.

Hygiene is very crucial at Life Line Feeds. Each day, the personnel are checked for cleanliness before they enter the slaughtering unit. Every six months, employees undergo a complete health check-up, which includes blood tests for illnesses like Salmonella, Amoebiasis and Hepatitis.

Our brand,Life Line's Tender Chicken, is delivered to your table hygienically, with minimum human handling.