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    Amidst the backdrop of nature's bounty, the Slaughtering Facility on an expanse of eight acres, boasts of state-­of-­the-­art equipment. The plant is kept impeccably clean and hygienic, and continuously monitored to ensure that stringent hygienic practices are followed.

Our in-­house veterinarian first certifies that only healthy birds are brought to the Slaughtering Facility. Thereafter the birds undergo an ante-­mortem examination before they are put on the automatic bird conveyor and through the hi-­speed evisceration process. For the culling process, Life Line Feeds strictly adheres to the norms laid down by Halal and the Animal Welfare Regulations.

As soon as the culling process is completed, and the poultry is packed, the entire Slaughtering Facility is washed with bio-­degradable soap and hot water. Thereafter, for bio-­security reasons, for 14 hours, there is not activity at the plant.

The Plant also houses a microbiology lab and a training classroom.