Rendering Unit

All the Solid Waste generated during the Slaughter Process will be transferred to Rendering Section through state of the Art In built Vacuum System and also through the Water Medium by employing Offal Pumps and Vacuum Pumps.
In Rendering all the Solid Waste Will be converted into Poultry Meat and Bone Meal(MBM) and MBM will be packed and send to leading Pet Food manufacturers. No wastes are disposed to environment.

Effluent Treatment Plant

All the Liquid Waste generated during the Slaughter Process, Wash down and also during the Cleaning Process will be treated though the WWTP Plant. WWTP is having the capacity of 450LPD. For this Life Line Feeds is having the Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) WWTP System. The Treated Water will be stored in our In built pond which can store up to 20Lakh Litre further this water will be used for gardening and fishes are reared to check the water quality.

Bio Filter

The smoke which comes out from machinery at the time of processing the chicken is trapped in Bio filter which makes the industry environment and neighborhood friendly. Huge investment is made to take care of total bad odor.


Dead birds are burnt in state-of-the-art incinerator which results in no smell while burning and it eliminates the risk of spreading diseases.

We respect and Love our Mother Earth – We Take Less and Give More

100% Rain water indirect harvesting system at our Facility, which helps in increasing the underground water level

100% Rain water direct harvesting system at our Facility, which helps in increasing the underground water level

Solar Energy system

One of our Breeding Farm has got 60 KW Solar power, Dependency on conventional power is almost ZERO ( which is under experimental )

Azad Park

A public park developed and maintained by us at Chikmagalur town in the Memory of Late Dr. Aravind Bhat