Chairman and Managing Director

A visionary entrepreneur set out on a Quest to deliver the best to Poultry industry.
The rich experience of the core Management Team led by Mr.kishore Kumar Hegde has put Life Line feeds among the fastest growing and delivering the Quality Products.
Life Line Feeds pursued it’s Passion for Chicken for conceiving ,commissioning and trying to serve the best in the poultry industry.

Life Line Feeds started small in October 1985 as Om Traders an animal feeds distributor and later a trading unit for commercial eggs and day-old broiler chicks. In 1997 first feed mill was set up under the brand Nandan™ have been marketing quality poultry and cattle feeds. Over the last 32 years Life Line Feeds have added facilities like Breeding farm, Hatchery, Integration farm, Chicken slaughtering unit, Chilled chicken supply for institutions and retail outlets, Frozen chicken exports.

This Happen with the Two basic principles
1.The ability to predict the need of the future in the poultry industry
2.The foresight and commitment to develop Quality Chicken and chicken products and services to meet the ever changing need of our customers.


Hatch to Health. To give our customers only the best quality poultry products.

The success of life line feeds is the result of several concepts held together and given strength by one important factor called Quality. It is the keystone of our heritage to give our customer only the best quality products.


Each day we strive to improve even further not only the quality aspect but also the ecologically and economically. This is how we make environment, us and our customers happy.
To provide the highest customer value for all poultry products through a combination of stringent quality-safety policies,industry best practices with global quality standards, advanced technology and people power that will enable us to be among one of the country’s fastest growing enterprises in the poultry industry.


Customer-friendly by delivering to our customers quality products through a stringent quality process that begins with the production of poultry and cattle feeds.
Reproducible and reliable products can only be achieved with continuous development and enhancement, which the customers appreciate about life line feeds
Employee friendly by caring for our employees through welfare measures.
Eco-friendly by showing our concern for Mother Earth through environmental initiatives.


We believe in integrity and discipline with effective management controls to manufacture quality products consistantly to achive customer satisfaction.
We are committed to continuously improving product quality through effective implementation of a quality management system that complies with statutory and regulatory requirements



Breeding Farm

  • Highly Bio-secured farm with a capacity of 1,50,000 breeders.

  • Auto feeding and deep litter system for rearing.

  • Auto egg collection.

  • UV treated water for drinking.

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  • Produces annually 20 million chicks.

  • Only quality eggs are transferred to hatching.

  • Hygienic surroundings.

  • Healthy chicks.

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Feed Mill

  • State-of-the-art facility that produces 30 tonnes per hour.

  • Feeds with organic minerals.

  • Antibiotic free feed.

  • High-tech analytical lab for feed ingredient quality check.

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Broiler farm

  • Environment friendly 450 broiler integration farms.

  • UV treated water for drinking.

  • High quality  feed, good ventilation, hygienic environment makes our bird healthy.

  • High-tech analytical lab for feed ingredient quality check.

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Slaughtering Unit

  • Ultra modern slaughtering facility with a capacity of 3500 birds per hour.

  • Birds are subjected to Ante-mortem and post mortem examination.

  • UV treated water used for processing.

  • Halal cut chicken.

  • FSCC : 22000 certified.

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Chilled Chicken Institutional Supply

  • 600 plus delighted esteemed institutional customers across karnataka
  • Products meet all international standards supported with lab reports
  • Over 85 SKUs to fulfil chefs requirements
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Retail Outlets

  • 32+ Life Line’s Tender Chicken ™ company-¬owned Designer Retail Outlets in Karnataka
  • Most hygienic and customer friendly atmosphere

  • Quality consistency with tag line No Offal – No Waste – Only Meat

  • Customer friendly staff and machine cut pieces as per customer requirement

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At Life Line Feeds, highest priority is given to a clean environment by