We do not produce chicken and chicken products alone. It is our endeavor to bring health and happiness in our end users. Throughout the journey from farm to customers, we make sure that our employees and customers should be happy.
People are health conscious today. We are what we eat. People want protein-enriched food and chicken is the best alternative. With increasing demand for chicken, there is a need to produce chicken responsibly without harming mother nature.
We at Life Line Feeds maintain a high level of hygiene and biosecurity. A complete automated system ensures birds are grown in the best conditions. Lesser human interventions result in lesser contamination thereby reducing stress level and diseases among the birds.
The ultra-modern technology and systems at our facility are bird-friendly that keeps them happier. This is like a natural ecosystem for birds. Ours is a complete eco friendly farm, most of which is run using solar electricity. Across our breeding farms, water harvesting is built in a way that the entire neighborhood is also benefiting from it. The hatchery is where eggs come to life. It takes 21 days for eggs to become chicks and this is the most beautiful thing to witness.
What we follow in our breeding farms, be it hygiene, pure water, every facility provided by Life Line Feeds, even the feed is very important. We monitor every nutrient, ingredient or feed that is supplied to birds. Quality feed intake is one of the most important contributors to good health and quality products.
At Life Line Feeds, we manufacture our own feeds, which is rich in vitamins and organic minerals. With two decades of experience in feed manufacturing, our scientists have succeeded in their research, which helps in adapting to changing requirements in the market.
The basic materials maize and soya are tested at in-house labs for quality control before they go into production. Our fully automated feed mill has the capacity of 30 tons per hour, which means we buy so much of raw materials like maize and soya from farmers that indirectly help them as well. They are dedicated farmers, who grow our chicken with utmost care supervised by technical experts.
Our distribution facility has attached over 40 stores and 500 plus institutional customers and exports. Our stores maintain high levels of hygiene to make every customer comfortable. Each of our stores offers a wide range of readily available cut ups. This means there is little to no waiting time.
Happiness is what we produce here and that reflects when customers smile. High quality products and customer satisfaction is what we thrive for. They mean a world to us!