Spread across 8 acres, the high-tech chicken slaughtering facility has capacity to accommodate 3500 chicken per hour. The SOPs documented for the team to follow is monitored at every stage right from procurement of chicken to transportation.
The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point-HACCP is a systematic preventive approach to food safety from biological, chemical, physical hazards and more recently radiological hazards in production processes that can cause finished products to be unsafe and designs measures to reduce these risks to a safe level. The HACCP attempts to avoid hazards rather than attempting to inspect finished products of those hazards.
The HACCP team samples chicken at various stages to ensure high quality and conforms to industry standards and specifications.

Pre-slaughter Lairage:

The in-house lairage area is well-ventilated to rest the bird before slaughter.

Live Bird Transport:

It is very important to transport broiler birds in well-ventilated vehicles. At Life Line Feeds, the broiler birds are transported with well-designed, coup-ventilated vehicles to reach the slaughter facility.

Reception of Live Birds:

At the receiving area, the veterinary experts certify only healthy birds by conducting antemortem examination. Once certified, the birds are placed on an automatic bird conveyor line. The conveyor line backed by the lift system ensures no bird is injured. Every animal welfare regulation is followed.

Stunning and slaughtering Process:

The High Frequency Stunner is used to make birds insensitive during slaughter. Strict Halal norms are followed, which are supervised by in-house veterinarians.

Scalding, Defeathering and Evisceration Process:

At Life Line Feeds, birds undergo scalding, defeathering and evisceration processes after slaughter. Meyn’s food processing technology is used for effective implementation of these processes.

Chilling and Grading Systems:

Birds are chilled to less than 4 degree centigrade after Evisceration. Chilled water and ice cubes are produced in-house for quick supply. This minimizes bacterial growth and increases shelf-life of birds. The M4000 sophisticated grading system from Meyn assists in grading at least 16 varieties based on birds’ weight.

Whole Bird Packing and Specialty Products:

The chilled and graded birds further undergo segregation- skin, without skin, cut pieces besides products like breast, leg boneless, drumstick, whole leg pieces. Products are made available based on Life Line Feeds specifications.

Blast Freezing and Cold Storage:

Chilled birds and products are further stored below minus 18 C for supply and export purposes. The in-house blast freezer and cold storage have capacity to blast-freeze upto 30 ton per day and store up to 750 MT.

Cleaning and Disinfection Activities:

Once slaughtering and allied activities are completed; the slaughtering facility is disinfected with biodegradable soap and hot water.

Logistics Services:

Life Line Feeds uses our own designed Vehicles for transportation of Finished Goods from Chicken Slaughtering Unit to Bangalore Ware House and also to different locations.  In all the vehicles it is clearly mentioned to highlight that”PERISHABLE FOODS   ITEMS ARE ONLY TRANSPORTED”. 

Quality Control Lab:

The fully equipped microbiology, chemical and serology labs carry out daily operations. The labs ensure final products meet global standards and safety policies.